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After participating in sports all my life, I have learned that the 4th quarter is important. It is also important in the business world.

Now that my business career is complete my new 4th quarter is devoted to volunteering and giving back. The COVID Recession will likely place tremendous fiscal challenges on our city. Such problems are well-suited to my work experience, so I have decided to run for City Council.

After 33 years as a banking executive--primarily with Union Bank— I retired and then leveraged my fiscal, sales, and organizational skill sets to spearhead the largest construction project in our city’s history— the transformation of Rolling Hills Country Club from neighborhood golf course with adjacent Chandler Commercial Operating into one of the top recreational facilities in the state. It was a massive $380 million undertaking of immense complexity that involved 3 partners, 2 cities, and numerous federal, state, county and city regulatory agencies-- including most Rolling Hills Estates city staff.

As the two-time President of Rolling Hills Country Club and head of the construction committee, I spent countless thousands of hours overseeing the 10 year rebuild process as an unpaid volunteer and I am prepared to devote similar efforts to help keep Rolling Hills Estates on sound footing as well.


As president of the Strawberry Lane Homeowners Association for 18 years and a 40 year resident on the peninsula, I’m reaching out to my fellow HOA and Neighborhood Watch leaders in Rolling Hills Estates.

My wife Sheryl and son Scott and I came to the Peninsula "the hill" 40 years ago from the beach for better schools, and so Sheryl could keep her horse in the backyard. Scott attended Dapple Grey Intermediate school and Miraleste High School. When we moved to Strawberry Lane, I was drafted as the HOA President. I didn’t realize this job was a lifetime assignment. We accomplish a lot as a neighborhood and more important made lifelong friends. And after 18 years we transitioned to new leaders Karen Nocket and Steve Boilard who are doing great things. Sheryl built her stable and began exploring all of our wonderful horse trails and taking me on couples' rides and working cows at the Empty Saddle Club. We were very active tennis players at The Jack Kramer Club, and later migrated to golf at Rolling Hills Country Club. The new club has a great pool and gym and on days you don't see me on the course, you'll find me in one of those!

I studied Engineering at UC Berkeley, where I started at center on Cal's basketball team. I’m not saying the years, but from the old pictures the shorts looked ridiculous. Mid-career, I got my MBA from USC, and later, MS in Finance. It was a life changing experience. My classmates now in important positions,  have become a valuable consulting resource. To learn more about me please follow me here, or LinkedIn or watch me on YouTube below.

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