Bruce Steckel for Rolling Hills Estates City Council, on a safe, masks on, socially distanced neighborhood tour to meet prospective voters.


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Rolling Hills Estates City Council Election


Many elections for city council in Rolling Hills Estates go uncontested. This election is unusual with 5 new candidates and 2 incumbents competing for 3 seats.

I think it's good for our city government that more residents are stepping up to serve. It may also signal a need to take in new ideas to cope with these unusual times.   

My Management Style


From my business training I am a consensus builder who works well in committees.  

I had learned to listen and take in opposing ideas. While I stand up and defend my own ideas - Perfect is the enemy of progress.

The best plans are those that can be implemented successfully.

No Donations, How You Can Get Involved!

I pride myself in keeping this campaign budget very low so we can keep the funds where they belong, in your pockets, but I still need your help to ensure that my assistance is where it is needed most, with Rolling Hills Estates City Council.

I don't want your donations. I want something more valuable - your ideas, times and involvement. If you know my work with my neighbors as president of Strawberry Lane HOA or the 10 reimaging of Rolling Hills Country Club, then commit to help in some small way.

How can you help?

  • Call 5 of your friends to ask them to vote for me

  • Organize a small Zoom Networking meeting with me to meet new neighbors and hear their concerns

  • If you have seen me in action, please give me an Endorsement, comment, or add a short Video for social media and my website.

  • Schedule a Neighborhood Walking Tour (we can do this socially distanced and in a safe way!)

  • Follow me on Facebook

Not Your Traditional Campaign


My campaign is based primarily on grassroots and "friends-telling-friends".  But the quarantine has made that difficult for everyone.  In response to requests from my supporters, I decided to relax my standards and produce a few lawn signs.  We will deploy them sparingly at each neighborhood.  These signs will be picked up after the election and recycled with the local vendor.  We will also send out one 6"x 9" mailing to reach voters outside of our reach.   With these two exceptions we will continue with our plan to run an different campaign with no donations or unnecessary political trappings .

Neighborhood Walking Tours

Please sign up to accompany me on a short tour of your neighborhood for a safe and socially distanced visit for a "masks on only" meet and greet. I'd love to connect with you and your neighbors, the added benefit is you get to reconnect with your quarantined neighbors and friends you may not have seen in awhile. Most hosts say this is a fun experience.

View how easy it is to have me over for a tour, by watching my last tour video!

Bruce Steckel with foreman overseeing Rolling Hills Country Club reconstruction.


Bruce Steckel for Rolling Hills Estates